Google Code Blog: Instant Previews: Under the hood

Google has some elegant architecture behind “instant preview” results that could be used in many places. The main ingredients: JS Compilation JSONP base64 encodings of image data Google Code Blog: Instant Previews: Under the hood.

Eliminate the Computer Science major

This an an interesting position on forking the current undergrad CS degree, replacing it with A Programming Degree that focuses on real-world enterprise coding. A new CS degree that focuses on theoretical computer science. There seems to be logic there. Source: Ben Morris: Eliminate the Computer Science major.

When Innovation Is Execution

Gordon Crovitz has written one of the more thoughtful reviews on “The Social Network” in the Wall Street Journal Today.  He echos Lawrence Lessig in making the case that many of the choices made in the film’s artistic license reveals the hostile and proudly ignorant stance that Hollywood still has towards the software industry. The […]

Everyone should learn programming

This pretty much sums it up. The computer is the ultimate post-industrial tool for creativity, playfulness and imagination. Don’t cede that power to someone else. Don’t be locked down. Build your own experiences. Code your own apps. Posted from WordPress for Android

The Zombie Workplace Survival Guide – a Software Developer’s Perspective

Here are my three own three P’s that I have used in the past and that may help you as a developer in a large company avoid zombification: Prototype your idea. If you lack the skills to do so then you are very possibly in the wrong business. You don’t want to put yourself at […]

Paradoxical Truth and JavaScript

JavaScript lacks a Boolean data type proper, but has a Boolean object class which can be used as a wrapper for storing and handling its two Boolean values. However, paradoxically, such a Boolean object will be automatically interpreted as “true” in Boolean contexts, even if its stored value is “false”.  Be careful of this. Paradoxical […]

Coda Clips: WordPress

I may have to revisit Coda. I hate typing. Coda Clips: WordPress.

WordPress on the March

All the love couldn’t be happening to a better community. It is really fun to be developing on top of WP right now. The pace of innovation is pretty breathtaking. Posted from WordPress for Android

Multi-tenancy on GAE

I am excited that Google App Engine has released multi-tenant support via namespace API. This should make it possible to white-label an appengine app (we have had several requests for this with modpoll) while avoiding forking, or spinning up a separate instance of the app. While there are disputes about what multi-tenancy actually should means […]

Getting Freemium Pricing Right

I feel for chargify in their need to update their pricing scheme. We are trying to do just that with one of our free products right now. Getting freemium price points can be tricky. It is easy to engage in some degree of wishful thinking in the value proposition of the paid offering to most […]

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