Web App Performance Metrics Done Right

Measure time starting at event.timeStamp Measure time ending at performance.now() in a requestAnimationFrame() Ignore anything that happened while the tab was not focused Aggregate data using “% of events that are under target” Visualize multiple thresholds Superhuman CTO recently posted a really useful and well-reasoned approach to setting up web app performance metrics: Much more […]

Why are there not more AWS-scale child businesses being born?

There is a great deal of mythology surrounding the birth and growth of AWS. Tech idustry awe and amazement is mostly justified but generally focuses on weaving together a linear narrative path that was taken that got us where we are: Internal Problem Identified Solution Identified and resourced Aggressive iteration with continual expansion of problem/solution […]

TV theme music – back from RIP

Are Netflix and HBO are rescuing the TV theme song from sad decline? A few years ago it was widely reported that the TV theme song was likely to disappear altogether as hunger for ad slots encroached on once sacred 30-60 second intro/outro time real estate. Today, the theme song is once again a critical […]

Great Talk on Debugging Production Systems

Bryan Cantrill (VP of Engineering at Joyent) gave an excellent and entertaining presentation about Debugging Production Systems. It is well worth an hour of your time if you work on large distributed cloud stacks in production. Some of the key things I took from the video: Every failure is sacred. Seek to build a system […]

Low-fi Success Teaching People How To Code

I may love geeking out and working on big complex systems but I also appreciate business simplicity and good content. I have found Scott Allen’s AngularJS courses to be very useful and it turns so do a lot of other people. Scott has found success paring his considerable teaching talent with simple onscreen videos and […]

Self-play as AI Reinforcement Learning Technique

Interesting and unexpected outcomes emerge from mass trial-and-error hide and seek actions: https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/robotics/artificial-intelligence/ai-agents-startle-researchers-with-unexpected-strategies-in-hideandseek

Codecademy PostMortem – Great React.js retrospective

I have played with React.js for a while now. One way dataflow, virtual DOM diffing, JavaScript components instead of HTML templates – this all seems to make a lot of sense. The small todo list style prototypes I have built work extremely well, are conceptually easy to grasp and are super fast. My lingering concern […]

Is the mobile web really dying?

There are multiple ways to interpret data pointing to relative decline in mobile web usage. There is evidence of massive consolidation around a few key app behaviors vs general web usage on mobile devices but it also seems that evidence of the death of the mobile web is probably exaggerated or at least premature. If […]

Thinking about the AWS Success Story

It is often said that great start-ups are born when the founders are the users and the problem to be solved is going to make that founder/user person happy. You get some important related things for free with that setup:  A very tight and inexpensive user-product feedback loop  Version dogfooding by the same highly invested […]

Unhappy and You Know It

I was interested to see that “Senior Web Developer” is the forth unhappiest job in the world according to Forbes. I have had this job several times in several industries. Indeed, these were often dirty, frustrating jobs – especially back when web standards were non existent and IE ruled supreme. But fourth unhappiest of all […]

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