The Cigar Box Synth

Critter and Guitari keypad cigar box synthesizer
Critter and Guitari keypad cigar box synthesizer

Back when I was a wee lad my Dad used to bring me empty cigar boxes to play with. I had dozens of them. Some were converted into garages for matchbox cars, some became building materials, others were used to store priceless assets like string and wires. When I was about the same wee age, one of my favorite Christmas was one of those Science Fair 40 in 1 electronic science kits (bought at RadioShack of course). One of the coolest things you could build was a monophonic sine wave generator. I liked to hook it up to a telephone keypad. The mad scientists at Critter and Guitari have managed to combine these two seemingly disparate elements of my childhood into one working instrument : The Keypad Cigar Box Synthesizer. Brilliant.


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