In praise of the Juno 106 Librarian

In praise of the Juno 106 Librarian
Juno 106 Librarian Screengrab

The Roland Juno 106 is a true anolog-digital hybrid swiss army knife that invites deep experimentation like few other synths I have messed with. The single DC0 per voice makes a thin reedy sound on its own but boy can you fatten it up with lowpass filter and the ridiculously fat internal stereo chorus. I have been enjoying the Juno 106 Librarian and I have to say that it is a very well coded tool. If you can run Java on your computer you can run this little app. It uses MIDI SysEx to gain full control of your 106 from the computer. The Juno 106 is one the first MIDI Rolands and one of the last synths to have a really nice gadgety control panel but I don’t have space in my little studio to have it at arm’s length at all times. Over the years I have created a bunch of libraries on tape and now it is possible to maintain these from the editor. You can prototype a bunch of sounds for a song and not worry about over tweaking them and loosing your way back -the editor can act as a version control system for the library revisions.


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