Oscar Peterson Trio

Jazz piano has lost one its Jedis with the passing of Oscar Peterson on Sunday. Peterson was one of the pianists who really excited and inspired me about the potential of jazz piano when I was most at risk of giving up practicing the piano for sensualist teenage pursuits. Critics who have dismissed OP as merely a domineering master technician have clearly not spent a lot of time listening to the joyful and electric trio communication that is revealed on recordings like ‘The Trio’ [1973]. Peterson had such a huge technique that he could slip into cruise control and still wow a crowd but this is a ‘problem’ most pianists only wish they had. I intend to see the New Year in with Night Train on my turntable. There are albums where jazz pianists are being sorta bluesy and there are albums where blues pianists are being sorta jazzy … then there is Night Train. Tasty. Thank you for the music Mr. Peterson.


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