Sounds and Scores – Mancini

Sounds and Scores - Mancini
Sounds and Scores: Henry Mancini

This is Henry Mancini’s famous book on orchestration. Every musician should own a copy. It has been around for many years in many formats but exists now as a book with accompanying CD. Sometimes I just like listening to the example CD and reading trough the score like it is a very cool story album. Mancini is great at describing the textural effects that can be achieved with different unconventional big band/orchestral instrumentation and how that could map to certain moods or visual cues in a soundtrack. He describes the philosophy and uses of some of his signature colors like alto flute + alto sax. He also walks through single pieces with different voicing and instrumentation structures so you can hear the result of certain decisions. There are extremely cool, useful tricks to be had here that could apply to almost any style of music and this type of knowledge is also highly applicable to jazz piano voicing/comping.


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